Chinese Medicine on the Conscious Path and Quick Favor

Do you have 3 minutes to help me out? I’d love to get to know you better, and where you are on your path to thriving.

By way of shameless bribery, I’m giving away copies of my new Healthy Eating Meditation (which has been helping lots of folks eat less, stop snacking, and lose weight effortlessly) to 3 randomly chosen people who are willing to complete this quick survey. It’ll help me figure out how to best support you through my newsletter, podcast, and coaching programs.

You’re hearing from me a bit more often this week because registration for Basics of Chinese Medicine: Your Inner Ecosystem is closing in just a few days and I want to make sure that if you’ve been on the fence, you know it’s now time to act. We start March 7th (Tuesday!), and there’s room for 4 more. Are you in?

I remember when I first fell in love with Chinese Medicine. I was in massage therapy school, and when I took a shiatsu class (a Japanese style of massage based on Chinese Medicine meridian theory), we had to learn the basics.

I was hooked. It resonated with me so deeply: what I felt to be true about spirituality, mind/body unity, the law of conservation of mass, Transcendentalism, and Daoism. It’s all there in yin and yang and qi and shen.

The world was never the same again. And neither was I. Suddenly I understood the connection between my Type-A nature and my abdominal pain both as Liver issues. I understood why seeing people I cared about in conflict put a knot in my stomach. It became a framework for seeing where I was in my native zone of genius and where I had room to grow. Understanding my natural “constitutional” tendencies, I could see how I didn’t have to be be bound by them.

That’s one of the main reasons I created the course: to help you look through this lens, to gain a new perspective on yourself. When we can act with greater self-awareness, we open ourselves up to new possibilities not only with our health, but also within our relationships.

Want a taster?

Take this little quiz I made to find out your Constitutional Type (element) according to Chinese Medicine, plus some strengths and self-care tips tailored to your specific type. (This is a quiz, not the survey mentioned earlier!)

And if you’re interested in diving deeper, the Basics of Chinese Medicine is made just for you. Reserve your spot today.

Two points that I love for helping me get quiet enough to tune into myself are Heart 7 and Pericardium 6 (see photo above). They’re great for insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression — basically anything emotional.

They respond really well to essential oils (neroli is my favorite lately) or 30 seconds of gentle acupressure with your thumb.

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