Episode 81: Raising Health: Moms Raising Daughters

with Dr. Jennifer Cronin

My guest in today’s podcast is Dr. Jennifer Cronin who is an author, speaker and medical expert in Lifestyle Medicine. She focuses on empowering Moms to live an extraordinary life by putting their health (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and sexual) as a number one priority and leading by example in order to raise strong, ambitious and independent daughters.

This is a topic that I strongly relate to…not only as a Mom myself, but because I feel it is so important that we each learn how to champion ourselves and our own needs in order to truly be our best self’s to others. In today’s episode we talk about the challenges that come as we try to balance the role of a parent with the many other roles we fulfill in life, such as a business owner. Dr. Cronin shares her insight into how we can teach our children to put themselves first by watching our example.

“Your physical health is only one component of your overall health. As women and mothers, we need to focus on the other areas of our wellness wheelhouse, including emotional, spiritual, financial and sexual health” – Dr. Jennifer Cronin

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How does our example to our daughters contribute to the next generation of women?
  • When healthcare becomes a feminist issue.
  • How to overcome the “not-good-enough” message many of us grew up with.
  • Why is it so easy as a woman to feel unworthy or unacceptable?
  • Knowing when and being able to ask for forgiveness.
  • Self-acceptance…letting go of the judgments of others.
  • Are we starting early enough as women to think about and talk about sexual wellness?

Key Takeaway:

  • As a woman, it is easy to become the nurturer for others while putting yourself last.
  • Your physical health is only one component of your overall health.
  • Spiritual health is a balance of connecting with whatever higher source you might believe in and tuning into your inner voice (intuition).
  • It’s up to moms to put themselves first so that this idea will rub off on children in the long run.
  • All moms have wisdom and insight that we should be sharing with each other.
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