Episode 07: Self-Care and Resiliency

with Emily Vaden

Emily Vaden is an incredible young woman with a powerful story to tell. She shares her transformative self-care journey from chronic migraines, through moving and unemployment, the birth of her daughter, and her husband’s suicide — and how she developed an indomitable resilience.

We delve into what has helped her weather the storms with strength and grace, including:

  • Letting go of the need for constant control
  • How she makes time for self-care even as a single mom of a toddler in addition to her full-time job
  • Lessons of grief
  • Things that help: acupuncture, massage, friends, and people who get it
  • Learning to say no when you need to
  • Having an identity apart from just that of being a parent, and role-modeling happiness and self-care for her daughter
  • Permission to have a back-up plan

I hope you find her story as inspiring, and that you love Emily as much as I do.

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