Episode 87: Skincare from the Inside Out

with Dr. Keira Barr

Today we’re talking about taking care of our skin, but not necessarily in the traditional methods that are often discussed such as washing techniques, exfoliation, moisturizing or using creams and oils. My guest today, Dr. Keira Barr, will share her insight on how other aspects of our lives – diet, lifestyle and stress – can impact the health of our skin.

Dr. Keira Barr believes that true health begins when we feel comfortable in our skin and that we all have the potential to experience it for ourselves. She is a dual-board certified Dermatologist and an internationally recognized author, leader, speaker and educator in her field. As the Chief Wellness Officer of Resilient Health Institute (RHI) she has integrated functional and lifestyle medicine with the traditional to redefine the delivery of skincare.

“Feeling comfortable in your own skin isn’t just about what’s on the surface…it’s also about what’s going on inside.” – Dr. Keira Barr

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How the things we are going through in our lives can impact our skin.
  • Upgrading our diets to take care of our skin.
  • When it comes to skincare, does the color of the food you eat matter?
  • The connection between sugar and skin inflammation.
  • How do we protect our skin from the sun, but still get enough sun?
  • A discussion on the use of sunscreen and when to use it.
  • Improving our sleep hygiene to help improve skin tone.
  • The impact of stress on how our skin looks and feels.

Connect with Dr. Keira Barr: www.chooseresilience.com

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