Why Self-Care is BS

I used to describe my non-acupuncture work as “self-care strategist.” Now I can barely stand how the term has evolved.

Self-care is not about adhering to a “perfect diet” and having zero fun.

It’s not about expecting meditation, massages, and goji berries to correct the injustices of our economic system, sexism, racism, all the -isms.

It’s certainly not about pedicures.

It’s not a one-and-done escape from your life so that you can get back to making a soul-sucking situation tolerable.

It’s also not at all selfish or self-indulgent or even optional; it’s essential if we’re going to do anything hard in this world in a sustainable way.

True self-care is embodying self-respect.

This means:

Knowing yourself, speaking your truth, and living your values.

Taking care of yourself the way you’d want someone you love to care for themselves.

Skillfully employing practices that lead to resilience, strength, and joy.

Embodying self-respect might mean spending more time in nature, meditation, yoga class, at the gym, with your bestie or your kiddo or your partner or alone.

It might mean reconfiguring your diet, ditching the sugar, and eating more plants.

It might mean a rock-solid morning routine that gets your primed and ready to do your best work with confidence.

It might meaning quitting something that doesn’t fit anymore — like maybe a really old belief or a gig that no longer feels like you.

It may be as simple as resting when you’re tired — or changing your mindset that rest is not something you have to earn.

For me, it’s been about striving less and appreciating more, honoring my Being as much as my Doing. And while it’s hard (because I’ve had so much identity wrapped up in accomplishing), there’s an undeniable rightness about it that reverberates from my very soul.

But the benefits go beyond the me. I’m more present for my husband, my kids, my patients/ clients — something my clients echo all the time.

We have more to give when we’re living from a place of deep alignment.

​​What would it look like for you?

What’s one step you could take right now in the direction of embodying self-respect for real?

I have a tried-and-true program for people who are ready to embody self-respect. Level Up Your Life is a powerful incubator / boot-camp for personal growth that starts with some core habits that the yogis, sages, and contemporary researchers agree are keys for health, happiness, and resilience. The next round starts January 21, 2020.

Fair warning, this may well be the last round for awhile, so don’t wait.

To learn more about Level Up Your Life, head here. Read the killer testimonials. Watch the video of my real-life course members on what it’s like to work with me.

What would Leveling Up look like for you? This little questionnaire will help clarify things.

May you embody self-respect always.


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