Episode 88: Yin and Yang of Women’s Hormones

with Eric Karchmer, PhD

Today we’re discussing the yin and yang of the menstrual cycle with Dr. Eric Karchmer, a fellow Chinese Medicine “geek.” We’ll hear his insight on addressing the menstrual cycle and related issues from a Chinese medicine background. We also talk about other women’s health concerns that can come up in life and how they can be addressed from a lifestyle, diet and Chinese herbal perspective.

Eric’s fascination with Chinese medicine started over 30 years ago, when he ventured to China to teach English. Before earning a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of North Carolina, Eric spent five years earning a Bachelor’s of Medicine from the renowned Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and attended Princeton for his undergraduate studies. He has published numerous scholarly articles on Chinese medicine and will finish his book manuscript, Orientalizing the Body: Postcolonial Transformations in Chinese Medicine, later this year.

“I think one of the difficulties for American women when thinking about their periods is that they’re not used to thinking about the entire body and how it relates to their menstrual cycle.” – Dr. Eric Karchmer

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • How a menstrual cycle can be a uniquely valuable clue about what’s going on inside the body.
  • What should a normal period feel like?
  • Common diagnosis for women who are having issues with their period from a Chinese Medicine perspective.
  • Tapping into the more subtle experiences and symptoms that doesn’t always show up in lab results from your biomedical doctor or OBGYN.
  • What can we do to remedy a blood deficiency?
  • How heat and cold (foods, liquids, environments) can impact the menstrual cycle.
  • The connection between the health of our kidneys and our overall health.

Connect with Dr. Eric Karchmer:  www.mydaolabs.com

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