Episode 117: Yoga of Money

with Grace Edison

On today’s episode of A Healthy Curiosity, you’ll learn about:

  • What is the link between health and wealth?
  • Pitfalls of sacrificing wellbeing for money
  • Grace’s top financial skills and habits
  • Practicing self-compassion and investing in health
  • Holistic financial wellness

Grace strives for balance in her work life and family so that there is room for being a kick-ass mom and community leader in the classes and courses she teaches in person and online. Her main focus currently is creating a solid space for her course members and clients to establish a better personal and working relationship with Money, from a Holistic-Wellness based approach.

Working with clients for 10 years as a Financial Advisor gave her the professional foundation to see what was working and what wasn’t and that there were gaps in that modality when used exclusively. Equally the opportunity as a yoga teacher and coach allowed her to work with clients on their mindset or manifestation skills proved to also have major gaps. So it is through her course The Yoga of Money that she married the two and voila, a full spectrum money wellness program was born!

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