Episode 77: You’re Not What You Eat, You’re What You Digest

with Sarica Cernohous

In today’s episode, Sarica and I get a chance to swap ideas based on our mutual love for Chinese Medicine, including how the foods we eat impact our life experience. Sarica shares her thoughts on the lost art of traditional food preparation and why it’s so important. We discuss different types of foods as well as preparation methods such as soaking and fermentation.

Sarica Cernohous is a Whole-food Nutrition and Natural Lifestyle Consultant as well as a Practitioner of Japanese-style Acupuncture and Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Herbal Medicine. Sarica’s real-life, practical knowledge of going beyond organic and healthy ingredients and reaching deeper into the largely-forgotten and yet incredibly potent health benefits of traditional food preparation offers up a “missing link” in the wellness equation.  Her warm presence, infused with her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine and interwoven with modern-day findings, makes for an engaging presentation of the simplicity of how these processes can be implemented into our everyday, busy lives.

“Our bodies are super smart…they will always allocate resources to the places that are most stressed and most important to our livelihood.” – Sarica Cernohous

On Today’s Episode of A Healthy Curiosity:

  • Why is it important to get back to traditional food preparation?
  • Modern culture has come to expect certain nutrients in our foods.
  • Bone broth – soothing, healing and incredibly easy to digest.
  • The benefits of soaking and fermentation.
  • How lectins can lead to digestive issues including leaky gut syndrome.
  • Looking at the energetic quality of the food we are eating.

Key Takeaways:

  • When digestive symptoms arise, going back to the basics can be the best solution.
  • Pre-digestion steps like soaking and fermentation can be the missing link in vitality for so many people.
  • Keep meals simple – avoid complex meals.

Resources Mentioned:

Website:  www.naturallylivingtoday.com

Book:  The Funky Kitchen

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